Custom UIAlertController – iOS (Objective-C) Creating a custom UIAlertController helps you to show a popup in your iOS application whenever you need to show a simple warning/information popup. It is an embedded iOS library and that means you do not need to install any 3rd party library. A classic popup in […]

Custom UIAlertController – iOS (Objective-C)

“Hello World” for Dummies… – iOS “Hello World” again. This is an introduction to iOS development for newbies. This tutorial explains briefly how to start developing an iOS application. As Android development explained before, these tutorials will continue with “native” development which means you need to be familiar with Objective-C […]

“Hello World” for Dummies… – iOS

“Hello World” for Dummies… – Android In these tutorials, everything begins with Android Studio. It’s official IDE, developed by Google, for Android developers. Please download the latest version of Android Studio. Important: I assume that you are familiar with Java programming 🙂 Ready? Let’s begin with creating a our first […]

“Hello World” for Dummies… – Android

As an OOP, you can use inheritance in your projects. This provides easy coding for you. For example, if you will create some of characters in your project, you can create a character class and use it for all different characters. Lets create a character class. [crayon-614c626c4a2e2919950576/] This class includes […]