Strategy Pattern I will try to explain this pattern as simple as I can because it is really simple and useful. Lets define  a problem: Think about that you have employees in different departments with different titles and you need a method which calculates different salaries. Answer 1 – You can write […]

C# Design Patterns in Unity3D : Strategy Pattern

C# Design Patterns in Unity3D : Singleton In software development, design patterns help us to solve some common problems in our projects. It’s better if you use this patterns as a guide at the start of your project. If you stuck anywhere on your project, it’s time to find out […]

C# Design Patterns in Unity3D : Singleton

As an OOP, you can use inheritance in your projects. This provides easy coding for you. For example, if you will create some of characters in your project, you can create a character class and use it for all different characters. Lets create a character class. [crayon-66a29be1726b9987473914/] This class includes […]